Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm Out Of Cigarettes Again But................

Don't think for one moment that that will make me quit smoking! Quite the contrary it just makes me realize how much of a smoker I am, how much I love to smoke and how much I am going to continue to be a smoker!

I have some adsense money coming in two weeks and that will definitely be enough for me to buy a cartoon of my favorite brand of cigarettes (actually its the only brand of cigarette that I like to smoke) -

Kool 100's!

I also got an inquiry about advertising on my blog. This was a direct inquiry and not adsense. So things are looking up for me!

I am going to continue to dwell on the positive and not to dwell (or even think about the negative).....

The law of attraction has worked for me more than once before and it will work for me once again!

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